Display All Excel Formula Values or Excel Variable Names using the XL-Viking Functions

Show Excel Formulas in a Way That Make Sense And Look Great

Save Hours Auditing and Checking Your Excel Spreadsheets

Turn Your Excel Spreadsheets into Beautiful, Readable Reports

Only $5/Year!!!

The XL-Viking Add-in Makes it Easy for You to Use Excel.

Create beautiful reports from your Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.

We have spent decades developing engineering tools and writing reports in Microsoft Excel. In our experience, Microsoft Excel is often the tool of choice for simple and sometimes complicated engineering work in the aerospace and other technical industries. Excel is a fantastically flexible tool but it lacks some key technical and presentation functionality.

The XL-Viking Excel add-in was created to satisfy our own need to make Excel a better engineering tool. Built module by module over time, XL-Viking has evolved into a complete technical / teaching tool and integrated reporting system. We are releasing our own proprietary tools as a commercial product and now offer this capability to engineers, scientists, teaching professionals, mathematicians and accountants, for the first time.

Simply put, the XL-Viking Excel add-in Shows your Excel Formula in a way that makes sense and brings essential new functionality to Microsoft Excel.

The easy to install add-in integrates into Microsoft Excel and provides an additional user interface and additional easy to use functions. These Functions will show the Numbers or Variable Names that build up your Excel formulas.

By showing your Excel Formulas with the actual Values (of each Cell-Reference) or Variable names XL-Viking turns Excel into an effective technical tool that allows you to create great looking reports from your spreadsheets.

The XL-Viking Excel add-in allows the user to document and display math expressions clearly, using either variable names or values. It allows nested brackets to be identified in pairs and several different number formatting options so numerical expressions will display in intuitive, standard ways.

XL-Viking shows the math behind the formula answer, allowing you to easily and effectively check and audit your spreadsheets.

The XL-Viking Excel add-in also provides a new ribbon menu that allows the user to easily insert Greek and Math characters and allows the quick formatting of numbers to superscript and subscript that is new to Excel.

Comprehensive on line documentation and live examples are provided in our support section.

The core system is available now – the Equation Display Functions. The functions are both simple and powerful. Once you get used to them it is hard to live without them at your finger tips every time you use Excel.

Our commitment to you is to constantly add new features and value to the package – without any price increase. All the upgrades will be available to you, and as long as you maintain your license, they are yours to download and use.

In the future we will be adding more features, building up to the complete Excel Report Authoring System that we have used successfully for years for our major aerospace clients.


The Indispensable Tool For Anyone who uses Excel; Engineers, Mathematicians, Scientists, Accountants and Teaching Professionals!

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